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Seal coated parking lot Parking lot striping Asphalt and Crack Fill
Seal coated parking lot Parking lot striping Asphalt and Crack Fill
Seal Coating - Sealcoat is a black liquid that is applied, to the top of asphalt, to keep it from oxidation and help prevent wear and tear from weather, traffic and harmful UV rays. By sealcoating every year, asphalt can be preserved for an extended period of time. This, in turn, will prevent property owners and business owners from spending money on costly asphalt repairs. We use a premium grade coal tar sealer. This sealer comes to us already mixed, so there is no room for error in the application of this product.
Crack Repair - Filling in cracks is an evil necessity every lot owner will have to put up with. When a parking lot has been neglected for a certain amount of time, it will gain cracks. These cracks will continue to grow in length and width and spread out in all directions. Here at Indy Curb Appeal we use the finest and strongest of crack filler, Flex Master Hot Pour. What we do is heat the material up to 400 degrees then apply. This allows the liquid to be applied everywhere inside of the crack as well as outside to prevent more breakage and potholes.
Paving - Asphalt gives you a brand new appearance for your parking lot. It will increase your property value and your curb appeal. Having your cub appeal increased will inevitably bring more consumers. It shows that you care for your business and what you are selling.
Patching - Patching up pot holes is extremely important for your business. Ultimately, you are responsible for your lot. If there is damage to a vehicle due to your parking lot, it could bring about the loss of business and/or a lawsuit. How we patch your lot could prevent you from such downfalls. We saw cut the area and remove the old asphalt. We will then apply a glue type liquid called Tack to help hold the edging of the patch into place. We then apply new asphalt and compact it with a roller. This will make your patch even with your lot and have your lot looking great.
Concrete - Concrete is a little more expensive work however, you get what you pay for. Concrete is more durable and lasts longer through weather and harmful UV rays. We offer R&R (rip out and replace) work. We not only do this with parking lots, we can do it with, sidewalk replacements, driveways and much more.
Warehouse Striping - Every warehouse has a different layout. Some warehouses use tape for their markings. Tape is only temporary. Here at Indy Curb Appeal, we make your markings last. We use 3 part epoxy with a clear coat finish. The 3 part epoxy is the best paint for your warehouse striping because what could last you a few months with other paint can last you around 3-5 years saving you thousands of dollars. With the clear coat finish, your warehouse will be looking fresh and new.
Parking Marking - Also known as striping. We use some of the longest lasting paint for your parking lot. We will measure out the correct measurements for your parking spaces and mark them. Then, going after marking, we take a machine that spreads the paint evenly for a professional finish on your lot. We not only do the lines for individual parking, we also do handicap, cross walks, light pole bases, arrows, numbers, reserved, visitors, curb marking, no parking, fire lane, cross hatching and more.
Signs - Our work here at Indy Curb Appeal does not stop with asphalt maintenance. We also do the installation and removal of signs. This includes stop signs, handicap, u channel posts and much more.
Winter Maintenance - Asphalt needs to have winter protection. So, what happens if you develop pot holes and cracks in the dead of winter? Your answer is right here. We can provide you with a temporary patch for your potholes until the weather warms up and you can get a more permanent patch. We can also, fill in cracks year round.
Power Wash - Power washing, like all of our work, is for both commercial and residential. Cleaning the outside of your business is just as important on keeping up your lot. The same is to be said for homes. We power wash everything from sidewalks, patios, buildings and everything in-between. When we remove your stains and debris, your home or business will look like new.